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Top 7 Business Use Cases for WhatsApp Chatbot

WhatsApp is the most widely used Messenger app in the world, with more than 2 billion users. Facebook offers the WhatsApp Business API to companies so they may communicate with their clients directly through WhatsApp. With the use of WhatsApp Business API, organizations can integrate chatbot functionality for their business number to:

  • Higher quality leads offer .
  • Automated support that is available around-the-clock.
  • Plus much more.

The automation of WhatsApp chatbots will also save businesses:

  • $11 billion by lowering the administrative burden.
  • 2.3 billion hours by automating support in 2023.
  • Operational Costs at 30%.

In this blog, we examine the Top 10 Business Use Cases for WhatsApp Chatbot across a variety of businesses, including yours. We’ll also look at how you can apply these use cases to automate customer support for your company 24 hours a day!

But first,

A WhatsApp Chatbot is exactly what?

The WhatsApp Chatbot works on WhatsApp and can provide a human-like customer experience by handling duties including responding to frequent customer inquiries, closing purchases, nurturing, and gathering user attributes.

All a WhatsApp Chatbot can accomplish is the following:

1. Respond to typical consumer questions 24/7/365. It can communicate just like a human agent and comprehends human language. 

2. Automate sales by providing users with tailored recommendations. 

3. Develop leads by gathering crucial user data like email, address, gender, country, and many other characteristics. 

Let’s look at some incredible WhatsApp Chatbot usage cases.

WhatsApp Chatbot Use Cases for Your Business

Landing Page

You may lead your audience to your WhatsApp Chatbot through Facebook’s “Direct to WhatsApp Ads,” where you can interact with them.

Every click from your audience on Facebook or Instagram Ads directs them to your WhatsApp Business account, so you can stop worrying about creating landing pages and websites once you start running them. 

Configure your WhatsApp chatbot to respond to any questions your users may have. In this manner, you significantly lessen the workload of your customer care staff because the user’s questions are addressed by the WhatsApp Chatbot. 

In addition to text messages, WhatsApp now supports sending images, videos, GIFs, emojis, documents, voice chats, and location information. You can tailor your consumers’ WhatsApp experience by combining these components.

Lead Qualification That Shows Promise

Your agents won’t have to repeatedly manually collect User Attributes if you use a WhatsApp Chatbot. A WhatsApp chat bot will automate the lead qualification process and nurture leads by capturing essential user attributes.  

A WhatsApp chatbot works well for lead qualifying and is a simple way to gather important user information like an email address, preferences, age, and gender.

Automated Customer Support available 24/7

Customer assistance is extremely important whether you run an online store or provide services. You may offer automatic customer assistance on your WhatsApp Business and give consumers easy access to the FAQs so they can get answers to their questions by integrating the Chatbot for Business.

Your real agents may be simply replaced by an AI-based WhatsApp chatbot, which will save you money. However, it is advised to have at least one live agent on hand in case the chatbot is unable to respond to any crucial questions.

Once a chatbot is installed on your WhatsApp Business number, you won’t have to worry as much about serving consumers outside of business hours.

Automate Sales with a Chatbot for WhatsApp

The chatbot is a skilled salesperson that works relentlessly around the clock (without asking for a raise). Users can query the Chatbot about the specifics of your goods and services, and once it responds, they can quickly buy them by clicking a link to your website.

Customers may find products, get recommendations, and complete checkouts with the aid of a chatbot. Your users can directly receive delivery tracking information, offers, product return or exchange information, and order data via Chatbot.

Send Documents, Media, and Files

You can send files, media, and documents in addition to words. Even those files up to 5MB in size can be sent. It will undoubtedly benefit your company if you occasionally need to transmit files to clients swiftly and effortlessly. You’ll save a lot of time, and clients won’t have to wait a long time to hear from you.

Quickly respond to users

To remind your consumers about deliveries, invoices, and tickets, use WhatsApp Automation. By integrating your business software with Chatbot, you can also send out urgent notifications, confirmations of purchases, and reminders of appointments. 

When the user responds to that specific notification, your Chatbot can continue to manage the chat.

Feedback Loop

Many of our clients use this fantastic use case to increase reorders. 

So, a few days after a user makes a purchase, they automatically send them a feedback message.

To save the user time, including Quick Reply buttons in your messages. To respond, they merely need to select and click a button. 

When they do, your WhatsApp Chat Bot will automatically send a marketing message in which you can offer discounts on your other products. 

Additionally, a session window for the following 24 hours appears whenever they respond to your Feedback Message. You can communicate with the user in any way during this window!


Businesses may increase customer interaction, automate support, and boost sales with the help of WhatsApp chatbots. Because of WhatsApp’s enormous user base, implementing a chatbot via the WhatsApp Business API has many advantages. The top 7 use cases include employing the chatbot as a landing page, automating lead qualification, offering round-the-clock customer service, enabling automated sales, transferring files and media, utilizing quick responses and notifications, and putting in place a feedback loop for customized marketing and digital marketing. Businesses can give a human-like experience, enhance lead creation, lower expenses, and boost customer happiness by utilizing WhatsApp Chatbots, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

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