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Instagram Tests 10-Minute Reels

10-Minute Reels Are Being Tested By Instagram For Long-Form Video Content.

Instagram confirmed that it may soon allow users to post Reels up to 10 minutes in length, competing with X, and YouTube.

In a move that could change social media video content dynamics, the Meta-owned platform is working internally to extend the maximum length of Reels to 10 minutes.

The possible new extension of Reels would allow creators on Instagram to post more in-depth material, making it competition for X, and YouTube.

10-Minute Reels Coming To Instagram?

According to Alessandro Paluzzi on X, Instagram could be testing options to post Reels that are up to three to 10 minutes long.

This user often shares information about new Instagram features before they are confirmed. Instagram revealed internal testing of longer Reels with TechCrunch.

For now, Instagram users can upload Reels that are up to 90 seconds, making the potential change a significant shift in the platform’s strategy.

More Social Platforms Adopt Long-Form Video Content

This possible development underscores the rising competition between video content platforms for the attention of social media users.

If longer Reels come, Instagram will compete with several platforms for long-form video content.

TikTok, for example, has allowed users to make 10-minute videos since 2022

X/Twitter added the option for Blue subscribers to post ten-minute videos in December 2022.

While Shorts stay limited to 60 seconds, standard YouTube videos can be up to 12 hours long.

It will be interesting to see if Instagram offers unique monetization programs to encourage artists to make longer content earlier this year.

Amongst its many monetization choices, TikTok allows creators to group videos into monetizable collections referred to as TikTok Series.

Impact On Social Media Marketers

What does Instagram’s lengthier Reels mean for marketers?

The ability to post longer video content on more social platforms could lead to increased exposure and engagement for brands.

So it means that content creators on Instagram must invest more time and resources into making longer, higher-quality video content.

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