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Meta Launches New AI Tools for Advertisers

After successful tests, Meta launches AI-powered advertising capabilities to increase advertisers’ productivity and creativity.

New advertising features powered by AI have started to roll out on Meta.

Meta’s platforms have introduced new capabilities such as Background Generation, Image Expansion, and Text Variations to help advertisers be more inventive and productive.

The ad industry is under increasing pressure to produce new advertising on a continual basis, and Meta claims that its generative AI capabilities will speed up the introduction of new creative at scale.

Information Regarding Meta’s AI Advertising Tools

Meta is making the following three tools available to advertisers:

Background Generation : Advertisers can generate a variety of backdrops automatically to go with their product photos using the background generation feature.

Image Expansion : Adapts image sizes automatically to match various ad formats, such as Facebook Feed or Instagram Reels.

Text Variations : Produces various ad copy iterations using the advertiser’s initial text. To more effectively engage target audiences, the AI emphasizes product benefits and makes text suggestions.

Early feedback points to successful outcomes

With numerous marketers, Meta tested the new technologies earlier this year.

Testers stated in a poll that the AI features will prevent five or more hours per week of creative work.

Nearly all participants believed that the tools would boost campaign effectiveness by facilitating the rapid creation of more ad variations.

Although hopeful about the time savings, testers claimed that the AI output has to be customized to reflect the distinctive voices and styles of businesses.

To train AI on specific brand demands, Meta admitted that there was still work to be done.

Looking Forward

Next year, Meta intends to widely implement its AI advertising alternatives.

With rivals are becoming more competitive, Meta’s newest move in utilizing AI is the addition of these features.

With millions of advertisers using its platforms, Meta claims it will work closely with them to create ethical and useful AI solutions.

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